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Did you know Australia is the only country in the world that doesn’t commercially harvest its own native grains?

Instead, we have introduced annual grain crops that not only require a huge amount more time, work and money than native crops but also cause damage to our native environment.


Proudly Australian made and owned, Alpine Rice is the first Australian native grain that can be grown and harvested by farmers.

Unlike annual crops, an established Alpine Rice crop doesn’t need to be repeatedly cultivated each year and, because its deep root system is suited to Australia’s climate and soil, it doesn’t require expensive and harmful fertilizers.

Without the need for repeated cultivation, Alpine Rice enriches the soil with living green matter and carbon. Annual crops however, rid the soil of these essential elements, which makes it harder and harder for the next season’s crop to absorb rainfall and thrive.

Already adapted to the Australian soil and climate, Alpine Rice also doesn’t require fertilizers. Not only will Australian farmers be saving costs on expensive fertilizers but they will also be helping protect the native flora and fauna from their damaging chemicals.

Alpine Rice is a crop more Australian farmers could produce. Following years of drought, all farmers will understand the importance of growing a crop that will be able to survive in a harsh and dry climate.

Another huge benefit of Alpine Rice is that it can be used both as a pasture for stock to graze as well as a seed crop. This means farmers are getting the most out of their land in an ongoing sustainable way.