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In most parts of the world we rely heavily on only eight or so species of plants for grain. Here are ten reasons we should look at producing Australian native grains, such as Alpine Rice:

1. It is from a widespread Australian native grass that occurs in the temperate zone.

2. It occurs naturally in all states except the Northern Territory.

3. The plants are perennial and does not require expensive and (sometimes) damaging cultivation each year.

4. The plants are well adapted to regular drought and low fertility soil.

5.The grain has very high protein levels (recent tests show protein levels around 22%) compared to the common cereals with protein levels around 10-12%.

6. The grain has no gluten and cooks like cultivated rice.

7. The foliage of the grass is highly palatable to domestic stock ( and also to Australian native animals).

8. A dual purpose grazing and grain production system has been developed for its production.

9. Proudly Australian – we all love to support Australian farmers and products and what better way than eating the grain with the uniquely Australian heritage.

10. It is an Australian exclusive as it does not grow well in other countries.