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wheatgrass 3 wks after hoegrassNative Seeds Pty Ltd and Alpine Rice Pty Ltd Biography

Australian native grasses are drought tolerant and, after years of scientific research and careful breeding, proudly Australian owned company, Native Seeds Pty Ltd, has been able to develop some specifically bred grasses suited to a wide range of uses.

Native Seeds Pty Ltd, like many Australian people, wishes to see our beautiful natural landscape and pastures flourishing with attractive native grasses. There are in fact over 1000 native Australian grasses of which very few have have had any research undertaken.

There are many benefits to growing native Australian grains. Alpine Rice is just one example of a seed Native Seeds P/L has carefully selectively bred for the future in Australian agriculture.


Alpine Rice

IMG_7765Native Seeds P/L accidentally discovered the grain that ultimately led to Alpine Rice whilst breeding other native grass seeds. Alpine Rice is a specially selected and bred variety of Microlaena stipoides which has large protein rich and gluten free seeds. Now, after years of careful breeding, Alpine Rice is ready for Australian farmers.

If you’re looking for an affordable and tough alternative to annual grains, that is also much better for the native environment, Alpine Rice is the perfect choice.

Although there are plenty of native grass seeds grown throughout Australia, Alpine Rice is the first native grain that can be harvested here.Its gluten free and protein rich qualities, as well as its ability to grow in Australia’s dry environment without the use of herbicides, means Alpine Rice is the perfect native alternative for farmers.


Visit www.nativeseeds.com.au for more information on growing and purchasing native Australian seeds, or call 1300 473 337.